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It Never Rains In Gold Gap
by Eagle Ashcroft with Jo Moon

Boys have always worked alongside men on the farms and ranches of America. In It Never Rains In Gold Gap, storyteller and award-winning cowboy poet Eagle Ashcroft recounts his youthful adventures working on one of the largest ranches in Arizona during the 1940's. The book includes more than forty short stories such as: "The Camp Cook's Day Off," "Cattle Drive," "Wild Cow Milking," and "Rodeo." Read more Order here


Antelope Tales Rabbit Trails $19.95
The Journey

by Joel Randall

Sneak Peek of Joel's newest! Read more Order here

One Liners
Cutting Thru The Fog

by Joel Randall

No Job is Done Until the Paper Work is Finished. Read more Order here

    Photo: One Liners front cover
Reflections & Perceptions
by Joel Randall

"Reflections & Perceptions" will push your walls of beliefs & perceptions, which may not be as true as you'd like them to be. Read more Order here

    Photo: Reflections & Perceptions front cover
Cowboy or Farmer?
Sometimes it's hard to tell
by Joel Randall Sr.

All resemblances to those living and dead are purely intentional. Read more Order here

    Photo: Cowboy or Farmer? front cover
by Joel Randall
Grey Rabbit

Jarring and poignant, sprinkled with dry humor, here is the essence of Joel Randall Grey Rabbit the journey, life, wounds, illusions, sanity, humor, love, and good medicine of a surprising man. Read more Order here

    Photo: Essence front cover
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